Muscle knots are such a universal problem.At least everyone will experience them once in a while.Just how do we really acquire them?Muscle knots develop mostly due to three main reasons:Overuse of muscles,acute injuries or a sedentary lifestyle. Many knots are triggered because we use our bodies in a way that injure ourselves or intensive overuse of muscles.Unfortunately the most frequent source is a sedentary lifestyle.Probably, sitting at your computer typing away for long hours is accumulating knots right now.Regular remedial massage can be a perfect remedy and can work wonders.It focuses on overall posture,mobility and body strength ensuring that you stay steady with less vulnerability.

Massage therapists literally refer to knots as adhesions because they are muscles that are jammed up together.In order to find out other ways to avoid knots apart from massage,we need to understand how adhesions happen.A rather primary concern is dehydration.When we drink less water and too much coffee or alcoholic beverages our muscles become dried up and stick just like spaghetti.So drinking more water will help a lot in preventing muscle knots. And finally,the simple solution that most people ignore is stretching.You need to do it more often to ensure there is no unnecessary strains on your muscles.The list is not exhaustive,there are a couple of other preventive remedies,but pay attention to these top solutions.

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